Sunday, August 27, 2006

The song remains the same

I haven't posted in awhile, thanks to time away from the computer and poker. We just completed a blessedly peaceful week in a cottage along the Lake Erie shoreline. I luxuriated in the time away from the workaday world. Nothing like pouring generous portions of viscous Ketel onto ice at 4 p.m., carpet bombing the glass with olives, and then pouring myself into a comfortable lounge chair while the soul-soothing sound of waves lapping against shoreline provide the background music for your life.

In addition to the time away from life's demands, I needed a respite from poker. Prior to vacation, I managed to wipe out profits at three different sites due primarily to the inevitable run of bad luck that poker always brings. (At least I had the good sense to withdraw a sizable chunk that covered a lion's share of vacation expenses.) This repeated junk-kicking, of course, was complemented by some less-than-stellar play that should brand an important lesson into my thick skull: Making plays at $50 and $100 NL tables is an exercise in futility. Christ, many of these idiots won't fold their draws to large bets, much less top pair/any kicker.

I hoped for better fortunes upon my return. Baaaaaaaaaaaaah! Want guaranteed profits? Get your money in on a draw against me. As sure as the sun will rise, your card(s) will come. What the fuck.

Yet I felt some good mojo building last night in an $11 tournament on Stars. Got some chips early and then donked off three-quarters of them midway through the first hour when pocket jacks ran into pocket aces. Horrible call on my part. Yet I managed to build 571 chips into a top 10 stack of around 13K in the second hour and cruised comfortably into the money. (It was one of Stars' idiotic 20% payout structures, so there was no real money to be had until the final table.)

After a run of cold cards that sent me in and out of consciousness, I literally woke up in time to steal a nice pot off a big stack with A-K, giving me a just-below-average stack. The very next hand brought me pocket kings. Groovy. A slightly bigger stack pushed from EP and I insta-called. He's got slick, an ace flops and I'm out in 88th place, a whopping $10 richer for my efforts.

Yes, there's trying to swim against the riptide of shitty luck, but some self-examination also is in order. Are there leaks? Got to be. I've tried to keep playing the same tight-aggressive game that has proved profitable in recent months, but I'm certain some bad habits have snuck in the side door and have made themselves uncomfortably at home. I've got to find a way to evict them out soon or find a new avocation because poker, as I now know it, ain't much fun.


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