Friday, August 18, 2006

Is your laptop on fire?

Or are you just glad to see me?

I got it in my head that I would acquire a much-needed I-pod by bonus-rolling through Poker Savvy. The 2GB model can be had for 2,250 points, which basically means signing up for four different sites and completing the requirements. I should have checked the not-so-fine print. This could take awhile. I can provide a quick site review, however. is the worst fucking poker site ever. If there are any viewable hand histories, stored or not, I still don't know where they are. And what's up with having to put a 9 in front of your screen name? The awkward sign-up process inspired me to make mine 9thcircle. And, mind you, I have nothing but love for my brothers and sisters Up North, but the play of the Canadians on this site is mind-numbingly slow and strange. Plus, playing $50NL and $100NL, it could take several decades to work off the 150% sign-up bonus. Not recommended.

Next is Noble, which is Titan in another color with the same viewable but unstored hand histories. Play is as consistently bad as Titan. A keeper. They pay off bonuses $10 at a time. Slowly.

And, finally, there's Royal Vegas, a skin of the Prima/Ladbroke's network. Loose and aggressive, thus far ... except when I get a big hand. The play has been interesting enough to keep me coming back. And it is Poker Tracker/GameTime+ capable. It takes 1,000 raked hands to qualify for their 100% sign-up bonus.

My cash-game jones is still strong. That being said, I'm currently on second break in tonight's 20K on Full Tilt. I have just under 7K, which is below average with 173 remaining (117 get paid). For the past hour, at three different tables, I have watched some of the most puzzling and awful poker I've seen. I'm nut-rolling at this point, looking for to get paid off if I hit a big hand. Given the fact that no one can find the fold button, I'll have to have just to enter a pot.

(Card dead 20 minutes past the break. Seen one flop. I did win one screwy hand. I open for 900 in the hijack seat with A-9. Button calls and small-stacked BB pushes. It costs me another 650 to call. The button comes along as well. We both check the king-high flop, the turn rag and the river ace. Wow. Why doesn't he bet the flop? I would.)

And guess who was at my first table? Robbie Benson. He busted in horrific fashion on the last hand before the first break, flopping trip aces and watching some donkey flush on the river. Sick stuff.

(Finally gone in 82nd place. Survived with a short stack for a long time and finally busted by pushing my last 3,500 with A-9. Called by A-4 and lost to the flopped 4. Sheeit.)


Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

I was so irritated after that moron took me out I had to log off. Great run in the 20k, you were looking lethal solid right from the start.

As for the other sites, its stuff like this that has me sticking to FT right now.

9:12 AM  
Blogger iamhoff said...

You're the first player I've found that plays on Royal Vegas. Pretty nice site, with plenty of fishy action. Have you figured out if there's a hand history feature there? Besides the chat window, I haven't noticed one (not that I've really looked).

6:13 PM  

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