Thursday, August 10, 2006

What do you do here?

An interesting situation in last night's Mookie: I've made a nice comeback after the first break, chipping up to 4,300 after watching my stacked reduced to less than 700. Chip leader Chillydyl (17 players left) has about 9K and opens for 888 (blinds 100/200) from early position. I've got Ad-Kh and weigh my options.

A) Call the 888.
B) Fold
C) Push

I hate Option A and eliminate it right off. I actually ponder Option B. Given that I'm a complete aggro-donk, I of course choose Option C. Why? I've just joined the table and don't know this player, but I know I've got plenty of fold equity in this spot and want to eliminate the rest of the field and put Chilly to the test. The only two hands I truly fear is K-K and A-A. I'm more than willing to race against anything else.

Everyone folds and Chilly (insta)calls off 42 percent of his stack with pocket 9s. Cool. I get my king on the flop but he gets his 9 and IGHN.

I believe I made the right play here. If I just call the raise, I likely go broke on
the king-high flop unless he pushes immediately. (And there's a good chance I go broke even then.)

Comments anyone?


Blogger Pokerwolf said...

The funky bet (888? W...T...F???)screams abnormality to me, so I'd be less inclined to fold or call. I was thinking "re-raise to see where I'm at", but if this guy was aggressive all the time, I'd probably push too.

AKo is a really tricky hand. It has potential to turn into a great hand, but no guarantees.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous mookie99 said...

Based upon his earlier play of calling all-ins with suspect holdings, you can easily make the case to push preflop. You could also try to re-raise and then push the flop, no matter (if he doesn't push all in preflop) but in this case you go broke no matter what unless you fold preflop.

Thanks for playing last night.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous PokerBarney said...

He's getting decent odds to call you, assuming you've got overcards (1.6-1 if I read it right), so his call is OK.

But I'd push too - with anything other than a pair, it's a very marginal call that he probably shouldn't make.

8:29 PM  
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