Sunday, July 30, 2006


There hasn't been much to report poker-wise over the last week. (Contrary to my earlier braggadocious post, I limited myself to four buy-ins in the DADI. There's only so many bad beats my fragile psyche could endure. The eventual winner, brdweb, sent me packing within the first 20 minutes with a vicious 2-outer on the river.)

I spent the previous three days rubbing elbows with the moneyed set during a member-guest at my buddy's country club. After golf, we gathered in the cigar room, drank Grey Goose, compared notes on Bengladeshi sweat shops and traded a few insider tips. I woke up this morning with a wee hangover. It must have been the olives.

After initially considered the medicinal value of inserting bamboo skewers through my frontal lobe, I opted for an alternative course of treatment: A $3 buy-in tournament on Titan.

I enjoyed a smooth yet unspectacular ride to the final table. I got some chips early and moved up steadily. Near the money, I won a nice-sized pot from a shorter stack when I tried to re-steal with Kh-Jh. He called my all-in with pocket 8s and I rivered Broadway. I did get slightly unlucky near the end while three-handed. The slightly bigger stack (and eventual winner) opened for 60K and I pushed 171K all-in with pocket kings. The small stack shoved his last 64K and the original raiser folded. Small stack had A-8 and got his ace on the flop, reducing me to around 100K.

With blinds at 15K/7.5K, I busted a few hands later when I pushed my last 85K with A-4 and got called by A-10.

It might be chump change, but it's not a bad return on a $3 investment. I'll take all the final tables I can get.


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Enjoyed a lot!
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