Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cash explosion

With the rest of the Jones family out of town for the weekend, degeneracy has reigned supreme in the form of a thousand hands of $50 and $100 NL cash. I've been switching between Full Tilt, where I don't get rakeback, and Absolute Poker, where I do. I've had a fair number of okay but hardly spectacular sessions. And in the midst of this madness, I final tabled a $10 PL Omaha tournament on AP. Whadya know. I entered it for a change of scenery and had a blast. Pot-limit betting strategies are intriguing. I'd like to play more PL tournaments when time allows.

I will spare you hand histories from the cash games, but suffice it to say that too many people at those limits bring too little money to the table and play as if they're waiting to be picked off and turned into carrion flesh. As for me, I'm continuing to work on opening my game more (trying to keep VP$IP numbers in the low 30s), value betting more and remaining focused while playing just one 6-max table at a time.

At this moment, however, I've got ribs on the grill, greens in the pot and have just sat down at a freeroll tournament on AP (courtesy of my Omaha final table). There are several hundred thousand degenerates signed up (763, actually) and only 27 places pay. My plan is to push with the first marginally good hand and hope for the best. (Actually, it's a good chance to try some things out -- can you say, reraise?) Tilt's $12K guaranteed also is on the menu.

Addendum: Got a minor cash out of the 12K, finishing 63rd out of 753 players. I barely played a hand in the last 30 minutes. The only one I can recall is a push-steal when I still had folding equity. That hand likely gave me enough chips to sneak into the money. I'm still pissed at myself for a donkey play with A-4 earlier that carved out three-fifths of my stack. Let's just say 4 is not a good kicker.

And an end note: Does anyone think more about the game of poker than Hoyazo? Damn, dude. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous mookie99 said...

Good ol' cash games....

Thanks for making it out to The Mookie last night.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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