Monday, August 28, 2006

Chopped meat

As bad as my cash-game run has been, my tournament results have been okay. Nothing major. Thirty-fifth out of 753 in a $3 rebuy on Royal Vegas. A miniscule cash in a $5.50 on Stars (204 out of 1700-plus). I even won a peep token on Full Tilt using crumbs from that account for the buy-in. (And did it with two fairly vicious suckouts heads-up. K-9 vs. K-J and K-8 vs. K-10 where I got an 8 on the flop, an 8 on the turn and an 8 on the river. I typed "gg" and he typed "fu." I don't blame him. Yet it felt nice to finally be on the winning end of some bad beats.)

And tonight I cashed for the first time in The Group's $22 tournament on Stars after probably eight or nine tries. I got heads up with Vinnie, a fellow Dead and Phish fan. I had a decent lead when we started, around 12K-8K. But Vinnie played well and pulled even after about 15 or 20 minutes. We decided to chop at that point, a deal that helped replenish the Stars roll a bit.

In the meantime, I signed up and played the $11 Group tournament, which starts an hour later. (For whatever reason, I've had quite a bit of success in this tournament, which features larger fields.) Paying scant attention at first because of the $22 action, I lost a few chips then doubled up with 5-7 after flopping two pair. Once the $22 ended, I shifted into aggro mode, made some good reads and chipped up steadily. I held half the chips on the table while four-handed. But a run of exceptionally cold cards and rising blinds ate away at my stack. Pocket 10s that ran into Billy Panther's pocket jacks put me uncomfortably near the bubble.

Then came the hand of the night: With only 2,700 left after posting the BB (300/600/50), I called The Canuck's push from the button with pocket 5s. I had him barely covered and, for various reasons, did not sense that he was strong. He had Qs-Js and got no help. I don't know how I don't make that call. If I bubbled, so be it. I'd rather flameout than be blinded out.

Mailman dispatched Billy Panther and he began heads-up against me with a 3-to-1 lead. I managed to climb back to even and we chopped that one as well. Another boost to the bankroll.

I'll return to cash games soon, but in the meantime, I think I'll be sticking to tournaments and SNGs.


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