Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dust funnies

A few weeks ago, someone (can't remember who) mentioned "monsters under the bed" during Yahoo chat. I chuckled when I realized that one of poker's greatest weaknesses is embodied within basic childhood fears. (For me, it was aliens, but I attribute that to an old Superman episode. I harbored no belief they would abduct me and perform painfully intrusive experiments. I just didn't want the ugly fuckers in my room.)

While poker players aren't (and should not be) Pollyanish, they need to possess a certain sense of optimism, believing in themselves and their abilities. They need to be able to stare down those beady-eyed bastards as they dry hump the dust bunnies beneath the bed, tell them to piss off and then happily attack some donkey's stack.

A recent article on Pocket Fives does a far more coherent and thorough job of making this point, by the way.

End notes: Played two more HORSE sessions and lost everything I had made (and then some) in the first two sessions. I'll blame bad play for the first losing session and variance for the second. (And, while I don't have stats, I swear that I had the bring-in for 1 of 3 hands in the stud games in the second session.) The real problem is I don't yet know what I don't know. I got me some book learnin' to do.

Busted out of tonight's 12K when my trip 6s on the river ran into a turned straight. Donked off my last 400 with 4s vs. Qs. Two peep token tries went down in flames as well. King-high flush lost to the ace-high flush in the first. Ace-queen crippled my Big Slick in the second.

I'm currently playing an $11 5-table on Party with the $11.48 I didn't realize I had left in the account. I've won one pot in the first 20 minutes. On a bluff. I still hate Party's interface. Can't those greed monsters create something at least slightly less ugly and a little more useful?


Blogger slb159 said...

Party sux, unless you're Iggy. And no one but him can claim to be.
Well, maybe
Best of luck.

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