Monday, March 08, 2010

Springing into action

Spring has peeked its reluctant head into Northeast Ohio the past few days, causing the 12-foot snow pack to drip like the post-nasal funk that has taken root in my head.

Mrs. Jones' remedy? A CIA-sanctioned waterboarding device known as a "Netti Pot" that is filled with a warm salt solution that you pour through your nostriles. It's a delightful sensation. But it does help, unlike the local HMO that says it no longer prescribes antiobiotics for sinus infections.

As for poker, my bankroll's been dripping as well. Through 12K hands of 6-max $50 and $25 PLO, I'm down a couple hundred bucks at $50, up slightly at $25. I'm not very good at this game yet. But I don't think I'm that bad, either. A handful of mistakes is the difference between winner and loser right now. Still too tight, too passive.

On the other hand, I've had a bit of success playing PLO tournaments. Go figure. I final tabled an $8.80 tournament Sunday (6th of 388 runners) as well as one last month (5th of 366 runners). And now that I think about it, I won the only live PLO tournament I've played. Notable hands from Sunday include 7-7-7-7 and 4-4-4-4. Also got A-A-K-K double suited for the first time I can recall.

In addition to my PLO shenanigans, I did win a CPMG tournament at Dave's since I last posted, breaking a streak of about a dozen live tournaments without a win. Got it done in a steady, unspectacular fashion. Hope to play again this weekend in the closing days of the POY points race.