Sunday, October 17, 2010

Starting all over again

If you have Google reader or some other aggregator and actually have my blog linked, you might be confused about a couple of posts I tried to put up yesterday with a Pokerstars flag for a blogger freeroll. The thing blew out the template, prompting an e-mail to PS and a semi-quick response that the coding is not working.
PS is giving me a ticket for the freeroll anyway for having taken down my old WCBOOP flag posted earlier in the year.

Here was the rest of that failed post:

While there hasn't been any blogging for months, it doesn't mean my poker life has been fallow. I've had a few minor successes recently, including my deepest run ever in a $3 rebuy, a 7th place finish for $122 last Sunday. I screwed the pooch in that one, missing out on a big payday with some stupid and altogether unnecessary aggressiveness.

I had managed to chip up slightly from T34 shortly after the end of the rebuy period to T3 million with around 40 players left. I then proceeded to spew, spew, spew and met my demise much sooner than I had ever expected. I felt sick for a day or two knowing how I had blown such a great chance for a signficant payout.

Two days later, I finished second in a $8.80 6-max PLO tournament, and later in the week managed a third in a $5.50 PLO on the same night I bubbled the final table in an $11 HORSE donkament. Good results. But nearly a week later, the rebuy still haunts me. Happy Halloween indeed.

I have been trying to play as much as possible online lately, primarily tournaments the last month after a break-even, 25,000-hand binge of NL with the last 15,000 hands at $50 6-max. I’m hoping to play between six and ten tournaments today, starting with the $11 rebuy and an $8 affair. (Big-name pro sighting: Shaun Deeb is slumming at my rebuy table. Checked his OPR stats. He’s got over $1.2 million in profit. Must be nice. I thought the guy retired.)

I'll update if I manage any decent finishes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

25k breakeven, you sound like me! I ramped up the volume this month and have played abut 25k hands and I'm down 30 big blinds! Frustrating does not even come close!

1:41 PM  

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