Sunday, October 31, 2010

LOL freerollaments

Poker has sucked lately. Haven't played live in weeks and my online tomfoolery has been unproductive. Instead of grinding at 6-max NLHE, where I've been on a good run, I've been concentrating on donkaments ... with one major exception. I managed to drop 3 BI at $2/$4 8-game playing like a spewtard.

Tournaments have been so bad that my OPR rank has dropped from the 98th percentile (for the last 120 days) to 76.5, the lowest I've been in over a year. Bleh. Doesn't seem like I'm playing poorly but rather am getting bit on the ass by variance.

Thank God for freerollaments. PS offered a $5k purse to bloggers who removed an old flag from their blogs and 249 donkeys showed up. Finished 4th for a most welcome $425payday. (Even that ended badly, losing with JJ v. QJ sooted AIPF.) But trust me, I'll take it. Many thanks to the kind people at Stars. I'll remove other stuff from my blog if you'd like.


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