Monday, May 16, 2011

The week in re-spew

Run good went off the rails this weekend. Lost over a buy in Friday at Nautica without much effort. Some of it was transferred to the awful old fart who rivered gutshots not once, but twice. Some was lost playing speculative hands that went nowhere. Another $120 was spewed near the end of the session when I called a preflop raise with 6-5o from EP.

Why did I play 6-5o from EP? It was only $5. Why did I call $8 on the flop of 8-5-x? It was only $8. Why did I lead for $40 (~pot) when the 6 hit the turn? Stupidity, I guess. I kinda sorta thought I was ahead, but $20 was a much better choice. Unfortunately, an aggro-chick regular (VP$IP of >70%) min-raised. I tossed in my last $65 without much though. WTF am I beating there? Nothing, of course. Her flopped Texas Shoebanger (8-5) held. I reloaded and bled a little more before leaving for Linda's tournament.

A losing session is no bother. Gutted by an AOF? That's poker. But the 6-5 hand sucked from the moment I peeked at my cards. Forcing the issue when the deck won't cooperate is a losing proposition.

The tournament at Linda's went no better. Spewed early, rebuilt with steals and then reraised AI for 11K with pocket 3s against a shortstack with T4600 at 250/500. I was certain that I was no worse than a flip and was proved correct. Shortie had K-J and a 3 hit the flop. Unfortunately, so did an ace, which gave Data, who had pushed AIPF behind me, the overset.

On Saturday, got coolered early in the tournament at Dave's tournament with an underset for most of my stack. Meh.

(I failed to mention earlier that I binked Dave's tournament the previous Saturday for $460. Survived a flip at the bubble with 6-6 v K-J and then steamrolled the rest of the table in God mode for what proved to be an easy win.)

Hoping to get in two Nautica sessions this week and will be playing the POY tournament Saturday/Sunday.


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