Friday, September 29, 2006

Early numbers

A mad rush of two- and even three-tabling the last two nights has pushed me across the finish line on the first leg of the Poker Jones SNG Challenge.

Fifty games is a quarklike sample, but the early results are big sexy:

ITM: 40 percent
ROI: 41 percent
(10 first-place finishes, 8 second-place finishes and 2 third-place finishes. Bubbled 5 times.)

Given that these were $3.40 Turbos, there's not much to discuss about the play at the tables. I stuck to my plan of tight early/aggro late, punishing limpers whenever I could. It seemed to work well. (I'm especially pleased with how I fared given the fact that I failed to cash in the first eight games and had two five-game losing streaks in between.)

As in all forms of tournament poker, you have to win races. I won my share, but have no idea if variance favored me over those 50 games and whether that 40 percent ROI will be sustainable at the next level. We'll see.


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