Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A little something

I managed to get partly off the schneid last night in the Blogger Skillz game, finishing fourth in the PLO8 tournament. While I'm comfortable with general O8 concepts, I've only played a handful of PLO8 tournaments and have never gotten deep enough in one where huge blinds were a factor. I missed a few spots where I could have been more aggressive at the FT. Good learning experience and a fun tournament to play.

Poker Jones Jr. made his varsity starting pitching debut on Saturday. He pitched five innings, gave up one run and two hits, walked two and struck out six to get the win. He wasn't facing the '27 Yankees, but he displayed good poise and threw a decent percentage of first-pitch strikes. A good first step.


Blogger Mo Voodoo said...

Grats on the start, just wondering where you normally play poker? Being relatively new to Cleveland area I do not know of any good spots.
Appreciate the blog.

7:30 AM  
Blogger Poker Jones said...

Mo Voodoo:

Cleveland is awash in home games thanks to the Cleveland Poker Meetup Group. Check out our web site:

10:06 AM  

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