Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skim graph

I guess this qualifies as a brag post, given how pleased I am with the direction my Sharkscope graph is headed after 911 games. It's nice to have some good news to report.
The initial spike downward resulted from a failed effort a couple of years ago playing a bunch $20 180s on Stars. Never cashed ... in ... a ... single ... fucking ... one. I've since failed to cash in any 180 at any amount, including a handful of $4.40s. If the tournament has a 180 in it, I'm extra-dead money.
The graph began drifting upward when I started playing single-table SNGs, starting with the $3.40 turbos and then advancing to the $6.50s. As is my nature, I got bored with SNGs and moved on to less fruitful forms of poker.
The latest positive trend comes from the 45-man $3.25 turbos I've been playing the last couple of weeks. Through 169 games, I'm running at an obscene 35 percent ROI. While it's highly doubtful I can sustain that rate, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Sure beats repeatedly kicks in the junk.
My only slight quibble has been a couple of HU situations where I couldn't put my opponent away thanks to some lousy luck. My ITM distribution, however, shows how evenly they are spread with 5 wins, 6 seconds, 5 thirds, 5 fourths, 7 fifths, 6 sixths and 5 sevenths. There are also 4 eighths (the bubble) and 4 ninths (bubble +1).
One of the things I like about 45s is that you do not need to cash in a high-percentage to be profitable. My ITM is at 23 percent at the moment. If I recall correctly, it was somewhere in the low 40s for single-table SNGs.
Unquestionably, I'm running better, winning more races and (ahem) benefitting from a few more suckouts. But my game is also more sharp and focused. Situations present themselves more clearly, which is a nice feeling. Basically, I'm making fewer mistakes while getting slightly better cards, which should be a good combination.


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