Thursday, March 19, 2009

Playing kvetch

Screwed myself royal when I used the "S" (success) word in my last post to describe my fledgling efforts at multi-table SNGs. I've been on a big downswing since Tuesday, cashing in only 12 of 72 in 45-man $3.25s. There were no wins during that the stretch with one 2nd and two 3rds. It's a given that these 45s are swingy, but for fuck's sake, variance swings back the other way, doesn't it?

At one point during this streak, I cashed just once (a 7th) in 32 tournaments thanks to a flurry of bad beats and bad cards. I managed to pull that sucker out of the tailspin with a solid bunch of cashes only to lose another engine and resume the nosedive. Here are my bustout hands from successive 45s today:

1) Kings vs. A-J
2) Jacks vs. A-K and A-Q
3) A-K vs. A-Q and A-J (A-J made Broadway)
4) A-K suited vs 4-4
5) Jacks vs. A-9
6) Flopped 2-pair counterfeited at the river

A bit ago, I lost most of my stack at the bubble with kings vs. Q-9.

I'm comfortable 5- and 6-tabling, and I've kept misclicks and missed situations to a minium. (I did fold my SB to a guy who was sitting out.) I initally had some problems not getting aggressive enough with a dwindling stack and rising blinds, but I've mostly fixed that and have been pushing with ATC when appropriate.

So, I'm working on the assumption that my SNG strategy is sound. There are still a few situations where I'm not quite certain of the correct "standard" play (A-x with a middling stack from early position at the final table is one.) But otherwise, I'm using the right approach. Now it's just a matter of the poker gods getting their feet off my neck.


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