Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mark of distinction

Mr. Wheaton said I made history tonight by being the first person to win an eponymous WWDN tournament. (The player who knocks Wil out of his second chance tourney gets to pick the game for the following week. I took him out on the bubble last week playing PLO.)

My tournament game hit critical mass for this one. Good reads and good cards can take you far. Plus, pot-limit seems to suit me. They're a little easier to play than NL games.

The Good Doctor had a decent chip lead at the start of HU and tried to take control with uber-aggression. But there was no reason to get antsy. The blinds were still small relative to stack sizes, certainly deeper than at heads-up in turbo SNGs.

Relying on time-tested patience, I conceded blinds and tried to stay out of harm's way with junk hands. I bluffed a little, including one pot that helped me crawl out of the hole Pauly was digging for me. I eventually got cards when Pauly bluffed and took it down.

It's a small win, but again, most welcome. Winning is always a nice balm.

And I can stick tonight's trophy on the mantle next to those from my Mookie, MATH, and two WWDN: Not wins. Will the Big Game be next? I can only hope. I need to win some tokens first, though.


Blogger LuvGlock said...

Love the line in the box. "You know when you're way ahead on the flop and jam the pot and win? Not so much in Omaha."

Nice job, el Hacko.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Nice win. I thought the event was PLO when I signed up.

6:40 PM  

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