Saturday, February 10, 2007

Did I stutter?

Google could not find me a patron saint for e-wallets. This dude is still waiting to be canonized but is supposed to have some kind of mojo in the world of banking.

Bernardine of Feltre
Born to the nobility, the eldest of nine children, he grew up with a speech impediment. After hearing Saint James of the Marches preach at Padua, Italy during Lent, 1456, he felt a call to the religious life. Joined the Order of Friars Minor in May 1456. Studied at Mantua, Italy. Ordained in 1463. His speech impediment miraculously cured, and he became a travelling preacher throughout Italy, noted for his fiery sermons against usury. He organized more than thirty monti di pietá throughout Italy to give people an alternative to high-interest lenders.

I acknowledge that Bernie's not an inspiring figure. Hell, this guy's story is just as good. At least some of us have heard of him. (And it might not hurt to pray to him as well.)

I'm not a victim of the great Neteller Swindle of 2007, unless you count the 29 cents sitting in my account. I hope I'm wrong about this, but the government is not likely to give Neteller the $55 million it has seized. Unable to prosecute poker players and gamblers, it wants to scale new heights of hypocrisy and fuck them over by taking their money.

Does Neteller have to find a way to get Americans their money to remain a viable and (again) tradeable company? You'd think. Again, let's hope.

It has taken nearly three weeks to get my ePassporte account up and running. Nothing about that company impresses me thus far. It either has awful customer service or is overwhelmed with new customers. I suspect both. And I'm not sanguine about it or any other gambling-related concern's chances of surviving in the U.S. market given the current landscape.


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