Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This was not expected but very much welcome:

Coincidentally, I've played a fair amount of cash PLO on Tilt in the last week and am getting more comfortable with the game. I'm sure I've played at least one PLO tournament prior to this, but I have no recollection of it. (Blogger) tournaments are played far more aggressively than cash games and had to adjust on the fly. Apparently I did okay.

I did benefit from a couple of suckouts, including one against our gracious, but short-stacked host at the bubble. Quality hands held up to the end and I managed to get away with a few well-timed bluffs by betting hard at scary boards.

Winning was not in the cards despite a slight chip lead HU. My opponent might be a very good PLO player (certainly better than me) , but the cards he got over the next dozen hands were even better.

Wil bestowed me the honor of picking next week's Second Chance game. Mark your calendars, folks. We'll be playing pot-limit hold 'em.


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