Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Night Light

The Triple Draw Experiment has been going well, especially as I become more comfortable with the rudiments of the game. But I ran into felt like skullduggery for the first time at a $1/2 limit table. The guy raised virtually every hand. I had decent, and a few times very good, starters and draws against him that never hit. A little frustrated, I even called with pocket 2s on the end at one point to see what the hell he had (a decent 8).

Except for a couple of small pots early, I pretty much bricked the rest of the 45-minute session and lost a decent chunk by the time the table broke. Overall, I played like shit. My few attempts at trickery failed miserably.

I suppose the success that I've enjoyed thus far has been due in large part to how passive (i.e. -- bad) the play has been. Hitting hands helps as well. (Especially when you defend your BB in the .25/.50 NL game with 2-7-x-x-x and make the nuts after the second draw and have raisers to your left and right.)

But to move up in limits, even if it's just $1/2, I'll need to learn how to better deal with those willing to make plays. It reminds me of my first forays into $1/2 6 max limit HE on Party. It took awhile to adjust, but adjust I did.

I'm currently at a .25/.50 NL table while playing the $3 rebuy. Not doing very well at either game. I'm getting lots of pairs and big cards at TD and nothing but little cards in the tournament. I'm sure this post sucks as well.


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