Saturday, December 09, 2006


I can finally post. Something good happened tonight.

Finished 45th in the $3.30 rebuy donkfest on Stars (3,198 runners). Down to 191K with blinds/antes at 15K/30K/1500, I pushed on the button with A-3 and got called by A-7. No help for me. Not a huge profit, but I'll take it.

This last month and a half of MTT play has amounted to a deluxe room at Abu Ghraib, where
Sgt. Variance has been giving me an unrelenting foot massage with a bamboo stick. But tonight I got cards and hands held up.

The evil ways the RNG has been tossing me from tournaments has been amazing. How many times can a man lose when his opponent flushes while holding the same pair? Paranoid and fearful, I probably played a couple of big hands too fast tonight, failing to extract maximum value. In my tepid defense, I thought there was a decent chance the donkey in the example below might actually call.

The donkey folded, however, and nothing much else happened after that.

A little bored at one point yesterday, I bought into a .25/.50 NL Triple Draw game with $30. My first attempt at NL Triple Draw. We were 4-handed and no one at the table had more than $50. I won a few small pots early and then stacked a guy with the nuts ... yeah I got it on the third draw and his second nuts were no good. The game broke up a few hands later and I left $45 richer.

A sign of things to come? I can only hope. As idiotic as it may sound, I'm due for a heater online. Yeah, I know. We're due nothing in this life or any other. But dammit, a paradigm shift is very much in order.

Thankfully, I've had been playing live much more often. And the more I play live, the less interesting the online game seems. Playing poker on a computer is convenient, but jousting with real people is far more rewarding.

There's a $50 buy-in tournament later today that should draw 35-40 players. The event will include the first annual CPMG Chili Cook-Off and I've concocted a new recipe. And least I know it will have some heat.


Blogger LuvGlock said...

You pushed with A-3 on the button? You're such a donkey.

Seriously though, nice blog. It's on my list now.

I've always wanted to see life through the eyes of the Hack.

3:40 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

You are slowly turning to the darkside of live poker. Its very addicting.

Congrats on the cash!

9:43 AM  

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