Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving appetizer

My efforts to move up in The Group's POY race have meant skipping the beloved Mookie tournament the last two months as I play our regular Wednesday event. But with Thanksgiving looming, family staying over and prep work to be done for the big feast, it was a night to stay in and join the bloggery crowd on Tilt for some tomfoolery.

I managed to finish fourth. Perhaps the tide has turned for me, as evidenced by the fact that I got very lucky just after the first break with A-Q vs. pocket kings. I can't recall the last time I got my chips in that far behind and won.

A loose call from a big-stacked Waffles (my A-Q vs. his A-10) and selective aggression got me to the final table in decent shape. Four-handed and on the short stack, I shoved my last 5,800T with pocket 4s against the chip leader and tonight's winner, SoxLover, who was sitting on aces. I got my 4 on the river. Too bad he got his ace on the flop. Good times, good times. Sitting at a table with Waffles for an extended period was worth the price of admission.

And with that I say: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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