Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm too tired to think of a title

Went deep again in the $3 rebuy on Stars. Finished 67th (3,162 runners) when I pushed my last 91K with A-Q suited against a big-stacked min-raiser who happened to have aces.

Nice to wade that far through such a large field, but it's a lot of work to net $50. First place, on the other hand, was worth $6,300, an amount for which I'd be willing to skip even more sleep.

But to get to the promised land, you can ill afford to miss opportunities to get big and I think I let one slip through my fingertips tonight. With blinds at 1,500/3,000/150, the very active player to my right min-raised. I folded pocket 2s from the button while sitting on just over 52K. He gets K-J to call. The flop came K-2-x. Shit. They got all their chips in the middle after the flop and min-raiser showed pocket kings. Wow. Good fold, me.

But there was a problem. The turn and river were spades, matching the two on the flop. They had no spades. I did. A triple-up plus would have put me in the top 20 with around 300 players remaining. I keep thinking that hand would have gotten me way deep. Maybe final-table deep.

Played some more triple draw Sunday, both .25/.50 NL and .50/1 limit, and did not do goot. Lost a big chunk -- but not all -- of my stack with the second nuts in an NL game and failed to hit any of my decent draws in limit. And there was a fair amount donked off by someone still figuring out how to play the game.

I got stuck even more while two-tabling (1 limit, 1 NL) earlier this evening but managed to eke out a smalll profit after winning a nice-sized NL hand. With the rebuy tournament about to start, I was glad to take a save and get the hell out of there.


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