Wednesday, October 25, 2006


An obligatory, geez-you-need-to-post post. (It does, however, contain a modicum of useful poker information.)I've just discovered the tremendous overlay Mansion offers in some of its tournaments.

For example, they run a daily $1,000-added $20 rebuy and a $1,000-added $20 freezeout that feature smallish fields and nice final-table payouts. Played one of each, bubbling in the first and bubbling+1 in the second. (There were 59 and 88 runners, respectively.)

There's the typical low-limit tournament mix of donktards and better players who, I suspect, are also whoring for expected value. The stucture is fine, too, with T1500 to start, 12-minute rounds the first hour and 15-minute rounds thereafter. The overlay more than makes up for Mansion's crappy interface.


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