Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm going to keep this short and stupid. Just donked out of the WWdN in two hands after holding a decent-sized chip lead with seven players remaining. The third ace on the turn made me think my pocket jacks were good. Wrong. TheDibMan held A-10. Down from nearly 24K to just under 7K. The next hand, Mean Gene opens 3x the BB. I should have pushed with A-Q but instead call. First to act, I shove after a 9-high flop. Gene insta-calls with A-9 and I'm gone. Crikee. Not sure if having to talk on the phone while all this transpired hurt me, but I know it couldn't have helped.

Won 5 races early on: A-A, 7-2! (against a small stack) and Q-Q three times. After that, played position and grabbed chips whenever I could. A big stack is a wonderful thing. I pounced almost every time I sensed weakness and people kept folding. Imagine that.

But then I have to answer a baseball call and watch it all fly out the fucking window. Nice.


Anonymous mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing in the tourney last night.

2:51 PM  

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