Monday, December 22, 2008

Quantity is Job 1

Like Ford Motor Co., I don't need a bailout ... yet.

Sunday, however, looked bad enough that I had an e-mail to Hammerin' Hank Paulson composed and ready for delivery. But once again, my final tournament of the night brought a small measure of redemption. To that point I had bombed out of one badugi, three HORSE, four NL and one Indian Poker (tough getting the laptop screen to your forehead) before final tabling a wee $3 knockout tournament on Tilt.

There were 665 runners and I finished fourth. I also collected an impressive three -- that's right, three -- bounties along the way at 50 cents per donkey unit. The $134 payout was my biggest in a while online.

I've read in blogs and forums about how the ballas regularly jump into multiple big buy-in tournaments searching for, and occasionally finding, a big cash. I've decided to emulate these playas but at a micro level.

My justification for the number of soul-sucking hours I've been playing online lately is that I'd like to make money. Money is good, and I'd like more. Poker db stats show that I cash in roughly 1 out of 6 MTTs. (It's 19% on Stars and 15% on Tilt.) The trick is getting deeper more often I have in the past.

The hope is that dedicated tournament play will lead to significant growth in the bankroll sector of the poker economy. It remains to be seen if the constant two-tabling helps or hinders the quality of my play. It does making folding easier. And I'm less apt to be surfing the webs or watching TV that when I single table.

Preparing corn chowder while playing a HORSE and badugi tournament is a little tricky, but I'll try to avoid that in the future.


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