Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mixed game results

I'd settled down on an icy Friday evening in front of the poker machine for a mellow, but dedicated, night of donkament registration. Nothing short of a nuclear strike would deter me from making my appointed rounds against faceless interweb foes. And register I did, two at a time to keep the laptop screen filled with digital degeneracy.

Yet no matter the tournament type -- freezeout, rebuy, HORSE, badugi, Token Frenzy on Tilt -- nothing went right. Mellow eventually went south with the wife, kids and 401K. Bad cards, back luck, bad timing and bad play had conspired like Wall Street bankers to make for a bad night of pokerific action.

Finally, I registered for the final two tournaments of the night, a $5 HORSE on Tilt and $2 PLB (pot limit badugi) on Stars. I started poorly in those two as well, but began hacking through those fields with the dull machete that is my game. I managed to cash in both, including a final table in badugi, where I finished fifth. Poker can be a slog, but patience and persistence finally prevailed. One of the longest nights of the year had come to an end.


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