Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bricks without straw

What's the first rule about heater? Don't talk about heater.

I've cashed (one first, one second and two thirds) in the last four CPMG tournaments I've played for a tidy 600% ROI. How have I done it? I've played well and have gotten absofuckinglutely lucky in a handful of crucial spots, including several occasions when opponents folded big, dominating hands preflop to raises or re-raises.

I'm especially pleased with the win Friday night, a smaller, 15-runner tournament at River Pete's. Victory was achieved largely without cards. I had pocket 9s twice, folding them preflop early and doubling up a shortstack with them late. I stole the blinds and one limped bet with pocket kings late. That's it. There were no sets, no flushes and one straight made with a looooose call with an open-ender on the flop against the short-stacked Meats' pocket aces. Pressure poker ruled the day.

Can this heater be sustained? One can only hope. Positive results breed confidence and foster an approach that keeps most off the demons at bay. But luck will turn. It always does. Facing it with equanimity is the key.

What I find sustaining is the knowledge that I have so much more to learn. The lessons are just easier to take and more clear when you are winning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well put sir, NH. I cant believe I folded JJ to you at the final table, but we were yet to reach the $$ and a loss would have crippled me.

Here's to hoping both our heaters continue. -El D

7:38 PM  

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