Monday, January 22, 2007


I never heard back from Full Tilt and played the $109 satellite for Sunday's $750K Guaranteed. There were 154 seats to be won, which was good. The 5-minute turbo structure, however, sucked. I lasted just under an hour, 250 players from the promised land. You need to build a stack early in these things and I never got above 1,800 and change. I lacked a game plan going in. I think you've got to be willing to gamble in turbo structures. While I can't think of any spots where the opportunity presented itself, there must have been at least one or two. Meh. My investment was only $5.50.

My bankroll in the Absolute Challenge stands at $17.61. I donked off $7 last night playing a 5-table SNG. A-K fell to A-9 when he rivered a 9 after the chips went in on an ace-high flop. Stupid me.


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