Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gone but not forgotten

Nothing much to report. Work, life and the Poker Jones Traveling All-Stars (the baseball team I coach) have cut into available poker hours and energy required to play well. It's been a welcome break, really. It's nice getting a full night's sleep for three or four days in a row.

That's not to say I've gone pokerless. There have been a few tournaments, some SNGs and some limited time at the NL 6-max tables. After the last few dreary-ass posts, it's nice to report that something did go reasonably well this morning.

Woke up early and jumped into an SNG, finishing 3rd after getting rivered by the chip leader. Signed up immediately for a 45-person $12 Turbo hoping to get some practice in before tonight's tournament at CJ's. Got nothing in the way of hands and decided to employ patience. Down to around 1,100, I managed to double-up with K-2 soooted from the BB.

Decent hands continued to avoid me and at 300/600/50, I found myself with just under 900 chips. I'd been waiting to push for more than two orbits when I get A-10o UTG. I get a caller and double up. Next hand, I get slick and double up again against the same unfortunate soul. I make it to the final table of 9 in fourth place with 5,690. I manage to work it up to just under 17,000 with nothing spectacular, save for pocket 10s, and then get blinded/anted off with more rags. Down to around 4,500, I double up with K-9 (king on the turn made me quads) and get knocked out 4-handed when I push with A-9 and get called by the chip leader's A-K.

A nice comeback and a good way to start the day. Just hope it foreshadows tonight's fortunes. I'll let let you know.


Anonymous Billy said...

Represent the Dead Tree Mafia well at CJ's!!!!

10:49 AM  

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