Monday, February 06, 2006

Balls in the air

I am currently checking e-mails, composing this post, reading other blogs AND playing a tournament -- virtually all at the same time. Yes, I know, multi-tasking in the middle of a tournament is a mortal sin that only the most profound penance can expiate. But I've made my deal with the devil, I'm damn good and it's a $1.10 limit Omaha tournament. You got it right. It's $1.10, not $110. I have no idea what I'm doing, so I've settled on a strategy of folding some hands, calling some bets and occasionally leading out. Still working on the raising part.

And I'm on a roll, baby. Thirty-four minutes into this thing, I've won one hand and am sitting pretty, 142 out of the remaining 337 players and poised to go on the biggest rush since Tony Montana lowered his snoot into a desktop full of Bolivian Marching Powder. (Wooo-hoo! Update: I just won a 1,400-chip pot with a set of aces! Followed by 635 chips with a turned set of sixes!)

Did reread some of my previous posts tonight and cringed, realizing what a whiny donk I must sound like. My blogging skills, like my poker chops, need some work. (Lookout! A 3,600-chip pot with a set of jacks! Now in 15th place!) Working to get better at both.

A little bit of NL fun tonight. I’ve nearly kicked my Stars 180-habit in favor of $12 45-person turbos. (Blinds go up every five minutes, turning the thing into a crapshoot after about 15 seconds.) After seeing no hands that do not contain a 2 for five or six orbits, I'm down to around 1,000 chips with the blinds about to rise 50,000/100,000. I manage to nearly triple up, thanks to the antes, with A-K. I steal a few blinds, win a couple of pots and slide into the money with a smallish stack. Then, bingo. I triple up with the all-powerful 2-5o from the big blind and hang on to finish third, getting knocked out with pocket 7s vs. pocket aces. Not life-changing money, but I’ll take $70 profit for an hour’s worth of work. (Yeah, baby. Another 2,600 chips with a set of 7s. Up to 7,240, good for seventh place.)

As for all the kvetching I’ve been doing in the blog, poker really hasn’t been going too badly as of late. There have been some small, steady wins in cash games and I feel like my tournament chops are improving. My tourney buy-in total is still way north of my winnings, but that’s okay. I consider it an investment in my poker future. And one big tournament cash will more than cover those buy-ins. (Six of us have capped preflop. I’ve got aces. Flop and turn … no help. Just lost a big chunk calling with a wheel on the river vs. a flush. Wait, just got 2K back with a flopped set of queens that turned into a flush. Back to 16th after dropping to 31st.)

Enough for now. (Shit! 3,100 chips with a wheel on the river that holds up!)


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