Tuesday, January 24, 2006


After sitting down at a $1 NL 6-max table on Stars tonight, I watched an absolute donk go on a gigantic rush, taking a $25 stack to more than $230 in a span of a half-hour.

The Donk did win some fat pots with good cards, including runner-runner kings to make quads and a flopped set 5s. But I also watched him win a $150-plus pot by calling a $5 raise with 6-7o and hitting two pair on a 5-6-7 flop. The raiser's hand? The fourth-best starters in poker, baby: 5-7o. I guess Mr. 5-7 did deserve to be punished for having committed first-degree felonious cuteness. But The Donk had managed to grate me, nonetheless.

After doubling up my $50 buy-in early in the session with a flopped straight against a different chucklehead, I suddenly found myself down $17, thanks to a semi-expensive hand against The Donk (my raised K-Qo vs. his A-Jo -- a queen flopped, an ace spiked on the turn), several pricey flush draws that missed and top-pair flops that I surrendered to scary, coordinated boards and big river bets. Teetering somewhere between tilt and a zen-like state of calm (big range, I know), I reloaded for another $50 in search of some chewy doublicious. I did manage to climb back into the black, mostly at the expense of The Donk, who apparently never saw a hand not worth playing or a bet not worth calling.

Then, this hand occurred:

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (6 handed)
UTG ($153.75)
The Donk ($188.30)
Hero ($118)
Button ($101.35)
SB ($89.75)
BB ($126.95)

UTG raises to $3
The Donk calls $3
Hero raises to $10
3 folds
UTG folds
The Donk calls $7.

Flop: Th, 3h, 7s
The Donk checks, Hero bets $26, The Donk calls $26.
Turn: Ad
The Donk checks, Hero bets $82 (All-In), The Donk calls $82.
River: Kd
Final Pot: $240.50

So ... what's everyone have here?
The Donk shows Jh-6h
Hero shows Ah-As

Yep, my man called a $3 preflop raise, a $7 re-raise and $108 worth of bets with J-6 soooooted. Nice play, sir. I graciously thanked him and soon took my leave, happy that I had reloaded my dwindling bankroll and elated that I'd won the single biggest pot of my nascent poker career.


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