Thursday, February 09, 2006

At a loss

Just can't get over what shitty luck I'm having in tournaments. Over a one-month period (32 days, to be exact), I've entered 35 tournaments and have cashed in a grand total of 5, the largest of which was $82.

Yes, there were instances in which I made chuckleheaded plays and lost, but there were plenty of other times when I played well and got knocked after getting my chips in with the best hand. Twice tonight (a $12 45-person Turbo and a $22 180, both on Stars) I watched pocket Kings go down in flames. First to pocket queens and then to tens. WTF.

The irony is I feel like -- no, I KNOW -- I've never played better. Yet I cashed more often when I had only a half-assed idea of what I was doing. Doesn't seem right.

My luck in the 180s has been especially galling. I've now entered 11. I've cashed in none. These are my finishes in those abominations:

20 ... 71 ... 143 ... 20 ... 21 ... 45 ... 27 ... 125 ... 97 ... 25 ... 24

Eighteen spots pay in the 180s. In 6 of the 11 I got within at least nine places of the money. In 4 of those 6, I got my chips in with the best hand. (Lost 1 of the 6 with the infamous misclick and the other with pocket queens vs. pocket kings.)

Tonight, I watched big stacks get big or bigger with horrific, dogshit beats. Do you have to be insanely lucky to win a 180 -- or any tournament -- for that matter? God, I hope not. My knockout by pocket 10s was not a bad beat, per se. A big stack raised with them and I called with kings with just under 3,000 chips left. But what's so insanely frustrating right now is that when I'm confronted with one of these all-in situations, I can feel the beat coming, like it's pre-freakin'-destined.

Screw variance. Screw short-term vs. long-term. When is the fucking luck going to finally swing my way?

Yeah, I know. I'm whining. But it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. You would cry, too, if it happened to you, da, da, da, da, da, da.


Anonymous Twitchy said...

i know this is no consulation but i have noticed that the "luck" only swings your way in one tournament per say 4-6 month periods lol. i watch in awe as dumbasses drawout on me over and over and over only to be rewarded once with a good size tournament win every couple months... and you know me i play an ass load of tournaments

4:31 PM  

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