Sunday, August 12, 2007

News flash

Forgive my inflicting eye strain by posting again, but there's poker content to report.

I played in a $30 tourney last night hosted by Chris, a fellow member of what has been dubbed the Dead Tree Mafia. (Not my invention, but it works.) He got a nice turnout with 24 players. By 1:15 a.m. and a 7:04 a.m. tee time looming, I worked out a chop when we got three-handed with a premium going to the chip leader (not me.)

Cashing was a nice boost for the poker psyche, affirmation that time away was indeed refreshing. I feel as if I have a grasp of a broad outline for success: Play smart, don't get grossly unlucky and selectively pick spots for unbridled aggression.

While I no longer have a fascination with dropping the hammer, I did sneak one in at a crucial moment last night. Down to about four big blinds, I successfully dropped le marteau from the small blind, collecting much-needed chips from numerous limpers. I would have made this move with ATC, but it was kind of sweet that I had the power of the hammer at my disposal.

In online news, Full Tilt finally transfered the $75 I was owed, so I'm back in business there. I even won a buy-in at $25 NL game with a flopped set of 4s while UTG. Five players, unraised pot and a 4 arrives on a rainbow flop. I bet less than the pot and get a caller from the big blind. I bet pot at the turn, which put two clubs on the board, and BB check-calls again. The river is a third club that pairs the board (jacks) and he pushes. I insta-call. If I go broke here, so be it. He has the flush and I win. That's cool. That's poker. Patience and a measure of luck.


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