Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stayin' alive

I have a leak in my blogging game that I'll never fix. What makes some poker blogs so compelling is the willingness of writers to share their lives, often in uncomfortable detail. I can't do that. I won't do that. I'm too private a person. Writing about my meager poker efforts is one thing, the comings and goings of my life are off-limits.

I mentioned this recently to the The Always Pious and Abstemious Monsignor, one of the few individuals in the world who can say they do know me ... fairly well. He reminded me that the blog should be for him, members of The Group and and other degenerates who only care about poker content anyway.

So here you go degenerates, a wee bit of content. Entered a $5.50 on Titan tonight with 211 other donks and ended up third. Played well. Cash game play at Titan is really quite bad. Tournament play is not markedly better. Tripled up early with big slick and glided to the final table with few a big hands while avoiding donk-driven suckouts.

Down to three, I thought I second locked up twice when they went to war, only to watch the river bail one or the other out. Misplayed only one hand. Pocket kings. I raised from the button and won the blinds when a limp was in order. It was worth the risk. I could have folded them to a bet if the ace flopped and no one would have been the wiser.

With blinds at 4,000/8,000 and just under 40,000 left, I pushed with Ad-10d and got called by the big stack's Q-9. A queen on the turn ended my night. Disappointing. I liked my chances heads up, even from the short stack.

Lastly, an interesting hand from Monday's Group $11 tournament on stars. The week before ended my bubble madness with a second-place finish to the Monsignor. (Picked a bad time to bluff). Finished second again this Monday to TK on what I still think was a not-so-ill-advised semi-bluff. I've analyzed this hand a number of times and still haven't concluded whether I played it well or like an ass.

With blinds at 200/400 and TK only a few thousand ahead, he min-raises from the button and I call with Js-7s. The flop comes A-J-x. He bets 800 and I check-raise to 2,400. He calls. Turn was a blank and I pushed my last 7,600. I don't believe he has the ace and my jack is looking good. He does not have the ace. He has J-10. No miracle on the turn and I'm gone.

TK said later he put me on a stone-cold bluff and that he was I even had the jack. While I obviously could have played the hand differently (fold to the min-raise?), I can't help but think that in most spots against most players, I would have induced a fold.


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