Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Failure to communicate

Writing has been more difficult than normal. Whatever I attempt to post sounds donkish, uninformed and a wee bit embarassing. The self-editor is now on Orange Alert.

Strange thing is, the poker side of my brain seems fully engaged. The game is starting to make some sense, patterns emerging in the midst of chaos. There have been no ephiphanies or awe-struck revelations. It's more about attention to detail and a renewed effort to never make a move without a good reason. At least for now, confidence is high.

Finished fifth among 58 runners in last night's weekly Wil Wheaton tournament on Stars. (Wheaton starred as a kid in "Stand by Me" and later in one of the Star Trek series. An avid poker player, he was on my immediate right the last half of the tournament.) Played well. I worked myself out of an early hole and had a couple of pocket pairs hold up near the bubble. Got a bunch of chips with a flopped set of kings that turned into quads at the river to put me third in chips. Went card dead after that and had limited opportunities to make plays. With 7,500 chips and blinds at 600/1200/??, I got knocked out with A-10 vs. 10-10 when an ace on the river gave the other guy a flush.

A little earlier, I finished fifth in a 27-person $11 SNG on Stars. I had nearly 40 percent of the chips while five-handed and flamed out in just two hands. An ace on the turn that gave me two pair made the second-biggest stack a wheel. I lost a race the next hand with pocket 9s vs. K-8 It's been awhile since I've donked off chips that way.

Deposited some money in Titan in anticipation of a blogger freeroll in a couple of weeks. The site is all right, although bonus requirements at low limits are too steep. I do like the overlay Titan ends up providing for its guaranteed tournaments. Entered a $22 with 106 runners, which meant $380 in overlay. I didn't adjust well to Titan's weak structure -- 1,000 starting chips and 10-minute rounds -- and finished 51st. If that one tournament is any indication, others also are trolling for overlay. The quality of the play at my table seemed pretty good.

Finally, won an entry into a WSOP satellite on Stars this coming Saturday. Odds are not good (for anyone) with a likely field of 500 players chasing two seats. But I like my chances better now that a month -- hell, two weeks -- ago.


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