Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back in the saddle again

AcornMan has shamed me into ending my blogging silence. I left a comment a couple of weeks back that he mentioned comment in a subsequent post. I felt embarassed at the thought of someone discovering nothing but stale posts, leaving me no choice but to resume blogging. The school counselor told my parents I was vulnerable to peer pressure. I guess she was right.

Fortunately, I do have poker to write about. I've made a semi-serious return to the game with the end of the baseball season(s).

(Quick brag: The high school summer team I coached began the season 0-6 and appeared headed for Doormatville. They started playing better and managed to finish the season a couple of games under .500, which made us the No. 6 seed for the playoffs. They then reeled off three straight wins on the road to capture the league title. The fact that Jones Junior got the game-winning hit in the championship game made the experience all the sweeter.)

Career-wise, changes are afoot. The industry I've spent much of the last 30 years working in is dying at a surprisingly rapid rate. But that's okay. It's time to go. I'm exploring some interesting opportunities, although nothing concrete. Anxiety level remains low for now.

Cooler weather also puts our early Sunday morning golf game on hold until next spring, which means more live poker. The Group's game selection remains superb. There is a Saturday night tournament that regularly draws 35-40 players. Finished second in PantherBilly's monthly tournament last Friday (26 runners) and won a couple of buy-ins Saturday night in a small cash my buddy Sherfer set up at the last minute.

I've managed to gain a little traction online, primarily mixing tournaments with $1/2
8 Game on Stars. I managed to final table an $11 HORSE tournament (214 runners) last night, finishing seventh when my short-stacked A-Q fell to the mighty J-6 in hold 'em. I also went on a sick run to grab the chip lead semi-late the other night in the $8.80 turbo (20:40 start time) but fizzled out in 26th.

And I've jumped lightly back into blogaments. Went out in the Skillz game (PLO O8) by a semi-redonkulous move by somebody and saw my aces pwned by trip sevens in the Mookie. And I'm entered into tonight's .10 rebuy shenanigans.


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good to read you're back on the felt and back on the blog.

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