Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Timing is everything

Played my first Wil Wheaton tournament on Stars tonight. Deck hit me early -- aces twice, kings once, slick a couple of times. Got as much action as a male stripper at a Rosie O'Donnell sleepover. Nada. Zilch. Zip. After that, cards went cold. Reduced to about 8 BBs and blinds at 75/150, went over the top on a preflop raise with pocket 8s. Original rRaiser had the nerve to be holding pocket queens and I was toast, finishing 23 of 45.

It did give me the opportunity to chat a little with other bloggers and pimp this site a little. Whether it will result in a reader or two, remains to be seen. Perhaps the bubble has burst on poker blogging (and poker, for that matter). I remain clueless about how to efficiently gather readers.

As a side note, in the interest of some bonus whoring, I took $100 of my hard-earned Stars earnings and tossed it into Full Contact Poker, which was offering an extra 10% for Neteller deposits. Results not so hot. Not all that impressed with the site, either. Web-based hand histories suck; not supported by Poker Tracker; can't reload (or can't figure out how to) while you have money at the table. Take those and other varied complaints and you have an interface that's inferior to even Party's. FCP has a cool, new-age look, but that's about it. It appears they decided on features that are different for different's sake, not because they're utilitarian. Did they test-drive their software with real poker players before they went live? I'm hard-pressed to believe they did.

Intermittently watched Danny Boy, FCP's No. 1 ho, duke it out with Dream Clown, which is supposedly a syndicate of young Internet pros, heads up at a $500/1000 limit table. Negreanu had been trashing the kid(s) in his blog after some big sessions. That night he went from almost $80K up to nearly $75K down. Nice to see.

My poker fortunes were not any better. Donked off most of my anemic buy-in over a 5-6 hour period, thanks to trees full of draw monkeys at $1/2 5-max and couple of unsuccessful gamboooools at pot limit. Bonus accumulated at what appeared to be a decent rate, although I couldn't find anything on the site that explained what formula they use. I'll blow through what's left of my bankroll tonight and be quit of FCP. I'll stick with Poker Stars for now.


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