Monday, January 02, 2006

Why Party Poker sucks

As if you don't already know. Sure, there's tons of money to be made there. Some of us have done that. (Maybe not tons, but enough to bankroll a couple Vegas trips and other vacations.) I recently switched over to PokerStars and have been impressed with the fishiness on that site and it's superior interface. It was never my intention to give up completely on Party, but that changed today with the arrival of an e-mail from the Great Brains that run that outfit, which said, in part, that my account had been inactive for 30 days and:

The 7209 Party Points in your account expired at 23:59 hrs on 01-JAN-06.

That would be fine, except for one minor problem: Those same Great Brains sent me an e-mail on 12/23 that said those points would expire at 23:59 on JANUARY 2ND, not JANUARY 1ST. It had been my intention to reload a small amount and play a little PP tonight to preserve those points for my inevitable return to that site on a more frequent basis. Not now, baby, no how, no way. Am I being a little peevish? Perhaps. But it's my God-given right as a poker player to say, "Screw You," Party Poker and your piss-poor customer service. A check of my Poker Tracker stats shows I've paid a sickening amount of rake to those idiots, especially considering the low-limits I've played. And that doesn't count all the juice from MTTs, SNGs and hands where I was too lazy to use PT.

There are enough other sites out there to feed my Poker Jones without having to kowtow to the greed monsters at PP.


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